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== Available transcripts and summaries ==
# [video] [[Transcripts/Crypto_Baron_Live_Stream_Charles_Hoskinson_Jun_8_20178|Crypto Baron - Live Stream w Charles Hoskinson, IOHK, ETH cofounder (Jun 8, 2017)]]
# [video] [[Transcripts/BLOCKCHAIN_NEWS_Full_Version_Mar_20_2018|BLOCKCHAIN NEWS - [Full Version] Cardano(ADA) - Charles Hoskinson Interview (Mar 20, 2018)]]
# [video] [[Summaries/Cardano_overview_with_Charles_Hoskinson|Cardano overview with Charles Hoskinson IOHK]]
# [video] [[Summaries/Cardano_ProofOfStake_Delegation|Proof of Stake Delegation and staking with Lars Brünjes IOHK]]

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