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There're transcripts and/or summaries available for some videos.

You can find links to them either next to the video itself, or on a special Transcripts & summaries page, or in some cases there is just a link to a page that contains both video and associated text.

IOHK | Cardano Testnets (28 May 2018)

With the launch of the first Cardano testnet for smart contracts, Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering, introduces this release and explains the further testnets that will be released. (14:40)

Summary by CF on Forum

IOHK | Philipp Kant, Director of Formal Methods (23 May 2018)

Philipp Kant is Director of Formal Methods at IOHK. In this video, he explains what formal methods are and why they are important to designing and building cryptocurrencies. (59:32)

Summary on Forum

IOHK | PoS Delegation, Lars Brünjes, Director of education (14 May 2018)

IOHK | PMO Project Goguen April 2018 update

IOHK | Professor Aggelos Kiayias, Ouroboros Genesis: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol

IOHK | Runtime Verification; Prof. Grigore Roșu CEO

IOHK | Prof. Philip Wadler, Smart Contracts

IOHK | Prof. Elias Koutsoupias, Why game theory?

Shelley Update March 2018

Dr. Peter Gaži presenting Ouroboros at MIT

Domen Kožar, Nix workshop