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There're transcripts and/or summaries available for some videos.

You can find links to them either next to the video itself, or on a special Transcripts & summaries page, or in some cases there is just a link to a page that contains both video and associated text.

IOHK | Cardano Testnets (28 May 2018)[edit]

With the launch of the first Cardano testnet for smart contracts, Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering, introduces this release and explains the further testnets that will be released. (14:40)

Summary by CF on Forum

IOHK | Philipp Kant, Director of Formal Methods (23 May 2018)[edit]

Philipp Kant is Director of Formal Methods at IOHK. In this video, he explains what formal methods are and why they are important to designing and building cryptocurrencies. (59:32)

Summary on Forum

IOHK | PoS Delegation, Lars Brünjes, Director of education (14 May 2018)[edit]

IOHK | PMO Project Goguen April 2018 update[edit]

IOHK | Professor Aggelos Kiayias, Ouroboros Genesis: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol[edit]

IOHK | Runtime Verification; Prof. Grigore Roșu CEO[edit]

IOHK | Prof. Philip Wadler, Smart Contracts[edit]

IOHK | Prof. Elias Koutsoupias, Why game theory?[edit]

Shelley Update March 2018[edit]

Dr. Peter Gaži presenting Ouroboros at MIT[edit]

Domen Kožar, Nix workshop[edit]