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Videos from YouTubers who specialise in Cardano. (Page just created as stub.)

Charles Hoskinson

Because Charles is such central figure for Cardano, and has such a well-developed philosophy, some of his videos that are not primarily about Cardano are included here.

August 15th Announcement

Surprise AMA with Charles Hoskinson 08/10/2018

Surprise AMA with Charles

A Brief Introduction to Smart Contracts

Foundations of a Programmable Society

Digital Fortress

(This is Rick_McCracken.)

How to verify a genuine Daedalus Wallet download for Cardano 1.3 (August 2018)

How to verify the IOHK PGP signature for Daedalus on Windows

How to verify the IOHK PGP signature for Daedalus on Mac OSX


Cardano Multi Layered Cryptocurrency - Settlement Layer and Computation Layer

Scaling Cardano

Yoroi web light wallet for Cardano by Emurgo

Legacy System and Cardano

Staking Pools in Cardano won't be a race to the bottom

Casper vs. Ouroboros Rebuttal Analysis

Marketcap is not a ceiling for Cardano ADA price