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There're transcripts and/or summaries available for some videos.

You can find links to them either next to the video itself, or on a special Transcripts & summaries page, or in some cases there is just a link to a page that contains both video and associated text.

A vision for blockchain in Africa - IOHK (13 May 2018)

IOHK's first visit to Africa, in May 2018, began in Ethiopia. Blockchain technology is infrastructure that universally brings benefit... (9:25)

Cardano Foundation and Zen Protocol joint meetup in Tel Aviv (30 Apr 2018)

(Zen Protocol Facebook videos, login not required)

Charles Hoskinson's presentation part 1 (53:35)

Charles Hoskinson's presentation part 2 (1:52:28)

Charles Hoskinson at LSE, Cardano’s goals for Africa - IOHK (24 Feb 2018)

Cardano’s goals for Africa and the developing world. Charles Hoskinson addresses packed crowd at LSE. (1:56:42)

Dedicated page and transcript

Scottish Blockchain Meetup: February 2018 - Product Forge (16 Feb 2018)

(Fast forward to about eight minutes in. Other meetup videos below. 1:40:08)

BIP001 - Charles Hoskinson's talk - IOHK (11 Jul 2017)

A magnificent view across the Black Sea from a sunny rooftop terrace in Odessa – it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful location for a blockchain conference... (11:03)

The future will be decentralized | Charles Hoskinson | TEDxBermuda - TEDx Talks (4 Dec 2014)

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Tech entrepreneur and mathematician Charles Hoskinson says... (13:35)