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There're transcripts and/or summaries available for some videos.

You can find links to them either next to the video itself, or on a special Transcripts & summaries page, or in some cases there is just a link to a page that contains both video and associated text.

Charles Hoskinson: Cardano, on Epicenter, 8 May 2018[edit]

Crypto Baron - Live Stream w Charles Hoskinson, IOHK, ETH cofounder (Jun 8, 2017)[edit]

Dedicated page and transcript

BLOCKCHAIN NEWS - [Full Version] Cardano(ADA) - Charles Hoskinson Interview (Mar 20, 2018)[edit]

Dedicated page and transcript

Vincent Everts - Blockchain 3.0 Cardano deepdive with Charles Hoskinson (Mar 28, 2018)[edit]