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Our community produces and collects various transcripts from videos and podcasts.

Links to video transcripts also could be found on the Videos page, next to the transcribed video itself. Also original video or podcast link may be found on the transcript page.


Transcripts are created and supported by community.
Text might contain some errors and inaccuracies - any help in fixing it is greatly appreciated.
Even taking 1 minute to fix a sentence or a name will be very helpful in the long term.

On each transcript page you can find information about original author.
Authors are hired by community and receive very modest compensation for the time they spend on the transcripts.
Anyone can show a little acknowledgment by donating any amount of ADA to their address.
Currently our main and only transcript author is u/dennyb2010
Passionate Cardano fan himself. And we are very thankful for the time he spends on those transcripts.
ADA: DdzFFzCqrhskWF2Qjfo9yXyYn3LZd4TfYZgwNF8nu8e2p847qzs6SRXKn65Pynjwp4uNtGsn1QcQUhzMcWg6R7SpnDrWmBunZGKsYogR

Available transcripts

  1. [video] BLOCKCHAIN NEWS - [Full Version] Cardano(ADA) - Charles Hoskinson Interview (Mar 20, 2018)