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Based on Cardano blockchain

(These projects are not yet actually on the blockchain but intend to be.)


Sirin Labs - Blockchain/smartphone/pc integration


Traxia - Blockchain solution to disrupt trade finance

Blockchain explorers and similar

Cardano information

  • Cardano Update Space - "Everything about Cardano. Accurate up to the minute."
  • ADA EVO "...to help the community stay current on presentations, updates & releases, white papers, interviews, conferences, podcasts and much more"
  • Awesome Cardano - "A curated list of awesome things related to the Cardano project"
  • cardano.eco - "Independent source of information for the Cardano Ecosystem"
  • Cardano Updates - Cardano GitHub Monitoring
  • Cardano Projects - Another list of Cardano related projects

Other related functionality