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Feel free to discuss the content of this page below.

Or just post the link or information on the Cardano forum or Reddit and 'we' will update the article.

This comparison is also referred to from the Cardano official help page

Cardano Ada markets[edit]

Dear Csshep (talk), Thank you for your update. That link is a great source. It however does not mention e.g. Guarda, HitBTC, Huobi (yet). And it does not mention "Fiat exchanges without wallets" like Changelly, Coinmama and Coinspot (yet). However I updated the cardanowiki comparison according to your link with: ABCC, Bitbns, Coinbe, CoinFalcon, Coinnest, Cryptomate, DragonEX, EXMO, Indodax, OKEx, OTCBTC and ZB.COM. Because your link was already mentioned in "Exchanges with wallets" and "Ada market share". I moved the link to "Legend" and updated the text there. Currently I think 'our' comparison is the most complete Ada comparison on the web :-) --FlippyFlink (talk) 15:56, 13 October 2018 (CEST)

Test topic 2[edit]

Just edit it...