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IMPORTANT A mention on this page should not be taken to imply that the entity concerned is in fact dishonest, only that suspicions about it have been reported. Great care should be taken when entering into any cryptocurrency transaction. See Security for advice on safely obtaining and holding ADA. The items are sorted by YYYYMMDD and strikethrough text means the problem has been dealt with.


Part of providing accurate information and ensuring that the community has access to it is managing fake information, scam sites and fraudulent social accounts. Please report (possible) scams to This email address is closely monitored by the Cardano Foundation Team. You can quickly alert them to anything you see as a scam or a fake account. This allows them to communicate with the platforms involved to deal with the problem.

When reporting something you have seen, please add in the social channel in the email subject line. For example: "Telegram - reporting someone spamming" or "Fake website looks like a scam" or "Reddit - someone is posting scam links". So that they can deal with the issue efficiently.


Suspicions have been reported regarding the following apps:

ICOs, other websites

Suspicions have been reported regarding the following ICOs and other websites:

  • 20180428: Cardano Recovery
  • 20180501: confirmed as scam in official Traxia Telegram group
  • 20180516: ADA Mining with Eobot Claims "easiest, cheapest, and best way to mine ADA": seems they claim to mine many cryptos but actually mine very few and convert proceeds. Be very wary!
  • 20180609: is a fake copy of the Daedalus website that links to soma fake `daedalus.exe` file
  • 20180702: is NOT a genuine website. You will be scammed and you will lose your money.
  • 20180731: is not associated with Cardano, claims extremely high returns, very probably a scam.
  • 20181001: is not specifically aimed at Cardano, but at cryptocurrency holders generally. Claimed to be investing crypto assets that customers gave them, but disappeared with the assets.
  • 20181013 is a scam website according to
  • 20181221 very probably a scam faucet

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