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News Archive

"The highest achievement in business is to make the world better with a sustainable business model. This is and will always be the core of IOHK and my work in cryptocurrencies." Charles Hoskinson, CEO, IOHK. Original tweet

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source. The project is lead by a triumvirate of organisations: IOHK (engineering), Emurgo (business) and the Cardano Foundation (community leadership).

IOHK Overview of Cardano 320 words

A not so short overview of the Cardano project (External article)

Community Charity Action

Cardano Community Kiva lending team invite link. As of 18 Jan 2019 the Cardano Community Kiva lending team has loaned $1,125 to 34 people in 21 countries.


News Archive



Staking & delegation




Three main organisations contribute to the development of Cardano.


Technical Documents, Specifications

Cardano Related Projects

(This list is quite outdated, please update (having created an account if necessary) if

you can.)

Based on Cardano blockchain


Sirin Labs - Blockchain/smartphone/pc integration

Blockchain explorers and similar

Cardano information

  • Cardano Update Space - "Everything about Cardano. Accurate up to the minute."
  • ADA EVO " help the community stay current on presentations, updates & releases, white papers, interviews, conferences, podcasts and much more"
  • Awesome Cardano - "A curated list of awesome things related to the Cardano project"
  • - "Independent source of information for the Cardano Ecosystem"
  • Cardano Updates - Cardano GitHub Monitoring
  • Cardano Projects - Another list of Cardano related projects

Other related functionality

Cardano Wiki (this site)