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As for any website, there are unavoidable costs involved in hosting Cardano Wiki.

At the time of writing, no support, financial or material, has been received or is expected from any official or commercial source.

We are therefore totally dependent on voluntary contributions to cover our costs.

Please consider making a contribution by sending coin to one of the following addresses.

Be careful to use the appropriate address for the coin type or your contribution could be lost.

ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsohqojYnrRJL8RyMKD7v6kr9rk3xQp2pSjXGpwR3VtRDtSFvuRnJ2XHacwj3HQPHGiCQ1JyxwEr8eUonFL17NckQoeZUVU

BTC: 1N8NfoNMW3GFeJJT91KxBfhG6CboGdfmsz

ETC: 0x826692df2c98af66b7a1bffed62fd5ecfb628ed3

ETH: 0xc96732f85752e2f29a49904763fa07ccf87b25ba

LTC: LQyg8njqQgaBiMFvXRYVkRcDdX8khWsTyf