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As for any website, there are unavoidable costs involved in hosting Cardano Wiki.

At the time of writing, no support, financial or material, has been received or is expected from any official or commercial source.

We are therefore totally dependent on voluntary contributions to cover our costs.

Please consider making a contribution by sending coin to one of the following addresses.

Be careful to use the appropriate address for the coin type or your contribution could be lost.

ADA: DdzFFzCqrhtAnc6EFqmeG98heibDuFG9Up1AoRqc7GWpGJWow2toqkyvXAbyPU9sVCkr6bkAuuZBTjJgf8BcLpk6BUYEYM4j7DzTH1ia

BTC: 1J9BNggKCxzBun6okrKjypfBi4ceF82zxu

ETC: 0x9f34406Edb7848325E1ca44A87d7Ed9522427C5A

ETH: 0xe7b6310e6b0b7F08A6133F16Aac9ad0dfcE486B4



On each transcript page you can find information about original author. Authors are hired by community and receive very modest compensation for the time they spend on the transcripts. Anyone can show a little acknowledgment by donating any amount of ADA to their address.

Currently our main and only transcript author is u/dennyb2010. Passionate Cardano fan himself. And we are very thankful for the time he spends on those transcripts. ADA: DdzFFzCqrhskWF2Qjfo9yXyYn3LZd4TfYZgwNF8nu8e2p847qzs6SRXKn65Pynjwp4uNtGsn1QcQUhzMcWg6R7SpnDrWmBunZGKsYogR