Cardano Foundation Chairman Resignation 2018

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IOHK and Emurgo and the Guardians of Cardano (intending to represent the community) released statements in the form of open letters on 12 October 2018 regarding what they saw as the failures of the Cardano Foundation (CF) and its Chairman Michael Parsons. On 13 November 2018 CF announced Mr Parsons' resignation.

Perhaps the best overview of these matters is a pair of Hackernoon articles by Belowsearcher (in chronological order): What’s going on with Cardano? and Cardano Foundation chairman resigns following community initiative.

These are some other resources:

  • The Petition asking Mr Parsons to reform the CF or resign, started by the Guardians

Charles Hoskinson commented on the issue in a number of videos besides the one linked above, culminating in The Babylonian Captivity of Cardano has Ended, 13 November.